Grub Control

Grub Control

  • Frustration

    You do the best you can to ensure your lawn is mowed at the right height of 3.5″, you water regularly, and you are on a lawn fertilization program.  You may have forgotten that there are some pests that find your lawn very attractive for reproduction. Without much sign, you are noticing damage to your lawn and after a quick inspection, you find grub larvae. They have been consuming your lawns root system as a primary food source which is killing your grass and costing you hard-earned money. If only there were a grub preventative out there that could have saved you time and money. Well good news. There is!

  • Identification

    Grubs are larvae stage of June and Japanese Beetles. These beetles leave the soil in early to mid summer then return in the late summer to lay their eggs after they have fed on your shrubs and other landscape plants.  After the eggs hatch, the grubs begin to feed on your lawns root system.  You may see some damage in the fall, but most notice it the following spring and early summer. This cycle will continue unless you treat your lawn with a grub preventative or a grub control.

  • The GreenWorks Solution

    Waiting to treat your lawn for grubs will result in costly lawn repairs and costly grub exterminations.  We have applications that will prevent larvae from hatching, thus decreasing the amount of grubs being populated and money taken from your pocket.  It’s always beneficial to pair our grub preventative application with a lawn fertilization program to build a strong, healthy turf. Our Advanced Care and Total Care lawn programs come with an annual grub preventative.  We have seen, and repaired the damages caused by grubs so we do our best to prevent them from being an issue for our customers.