Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control for your lawn and landscaping!

  • Frustration

    We all spend a lot of time working to provide for our families. When we leave work, we like to enjoy time outside doing things.  Family gatherings, playing with our kids and animals, mowing, yard work, etc. Sometimes the insects outside can make it difficult to be comfortable when being outside, especially mosquitoes. They buzz and bite leaving uncomfortable marks on us.  Worst of all, they are known disease carries.  There are countless ways to repel them, but what if there was a way to control mosquitoes altogether?

  • Identification

    Most of us know what mosquitoes look like. Small, flying insects with long legs and proboscis. They have a familiar buzz and are most active during the cool mornings and evenings when we are typically outside. What can be difficult to identify is where they are coming from. Below is a list of common places they rest and reproduce.

    • Stagnant water areas such as ponds and mud puddles.
    • Old tires, buckets and trash barrels
    • Flower pots, bird baths and water dishes.
    • Tall weeds and grasses on the exterior of your property
    • Cool grass on the shady side of your home
  • The GreenWorks Solution

    Repelling mosquitoes can be effective, but not as effective as removing them and preventing them from coming back. We have set up a program to help eliminate them from your property for good.  We target specific areas of your property for mosquitoes including trees, shrubs, landscaping, and lawn.

  • 3 Application Mosquito Program

    • Late Spring Application
    • Early Summer Application
    • Mid-Late Summer Application